Are you using a real estate CRM?

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    I want to find new tools to market myself as a new real estate agent in my neighbourhood, and a friend and client told me I should get a real estate CRM. I don’t know much about these, so I’m not too sure what it could do for me.

    Are you using a real estate CRM, and if so, what do you think of it? Would you say it helps you stay in touch with your clients, and organize your data?



    You mean you don’t have a CRM yet? Get one, it will change your life, I promise! I’ve been using mine for 5 years and I seriously don’t understand how I kept up with my clients before I had it.



    My real estate CRM does a few helpful things for me, yeah. It helps me remember all the important dates better than a planner would, so I never miss an appointment or the anniversary of a client.

    It also makes it easier for me to send newsletters to my clients and potential clients. I used to have another program to do this, but now my CRM keeps all my contact info at the same place, and it really helps me reach out to the right people, at the right time.



    That sounds good. I have a newsletter already, even though I only have 8 suscribers so far… I don’t always know what type of content I should send out, though, but I don’t think a CRM would help me figure it out!



    No indeed, your real estate CRM will help you manage your contacts, but it won’t tell you what to write and what to send!

    In my newsletters, I like to share new listings for sale in the neighbourhoods where I do business, but I also share some fun info about those neighbourhoods, and a few words about myself so my clients can get to know me better. And so they know the newsletter was created by a real human, and not by a software!



    lol! Those are good ideas. In my newsletters I share a few listings, but I’m not sure if people find it very interesting.

    Anyway, where did you get your CRM, and was it hard to understand how it worked, or did you get comfortable using it right away?



    I got it from IXACT Contact, a friend recommended it to me and I was not disappointed.

    It took me a moment to get used to it, a week or two I’d say, but that’s because I’m not really good with computers and new software. But I think it’s well designed, and user friendly. You can customize so many things about it, so that’s really helpful.



    I like user-friendly software. I’ll keep that name in mind, thank you.



    My real estate CRM really helped me improve my marketing operations. It has different features that allowed me to create a mobile-friendly website, and also to automate my social media accounts.

    I think I’m not done yet exploring all its features, I feel like there’s a lot more cool things in store. You should definitely consider getting a CRM, it will bring you so much and simplify your work.



    So you can use your CRM to manage your social media as well? That’s good to know.



    I don’t know if they all do that, but mine does and I find it really convenient. So yeah, if you want to invest in your marketing, a real estate CRM is a great investment.



    Seems like it is! Thank you.

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