Do I REALLY need a realtor?

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    I was just debating whether or not I really need to have a realtor. I’m considering buying my own place, and after much consideration, I have decided to go for a condo in Toronto.

    I’m just not sure whether I should go with a realtor or not. Surely I can do this on my own? Have you bought a condo without hiring a realtor before?



    I am pretty sure that you could buy a condo without the use of a realtor. I’d suggest you use one anyway. They’re useful for a good reason and can really help you out.



    I think the real estate market can get pretty confusing if you don’t have any experience in it. It’s not easy to select a condo, let alone in the right neighbourhood of your choice.



    If you had a realtor, it becomes a whole lot easier to find the right property. Besides, buying a condo is such a BIG investment. I wouldn’t take the risk of going into the real estate market without some sort of help.



    If you’re doing this all by yourself, you are gonna be searching for a lonnnnnng time. The process can get pretty frustrating and stressful even for the most patient people. You may think it could be done and dusted quickly, but it doesn’t work that way, unless you are really lucky.



    Sometimes, the listings you may be searching for is already sold to another buyer. Realtors have access to the latest listings before the general public, so they are in a much better position to show you different types of places available to them.



    Good condos sell like hotcakes! If you hire a good and experienced realtor by your side, they can help you to find the right place. The right place would be something in your ideal location and hopefully, with an ideal price.

    The agent will also know which buildings are in demand, the great amenities available, and other valuable bits of information that will benefit you. Later on, if you decide to sell, you will more than likely get a better price than what you paid for it.



    I suppose that’s true… Do any of you know some good real estate agents in Toronto?



    Contact Reza Afshar if you need help. Extremely nice guy and very professional too. I found my place very quickly all thanks to him.



    Alright, thank you very much. I appreciate everyone’s input. Wish me luck!

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