Headaches when drinking red wine?

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    I have always noticed that when I drink red wine, I get a headache. Now I just found out I am not alone. Many people have this problem.

    What is the reason for this? Is there anything I can do to reduce or even avoid this? I enjoy red wine and I don’t intend to give it up despite the headaches.



    To be honest, I am just as confused as you, if not more. I am going to follow this thread to see if anyone can suggest something!



    Unfortunately, I have the same issue as you. Bit of a drag, isn’t it? I think it is something to do with the sulfites. But I believe it is more to do with the individual.

    I think those of us who are affected this way have some kind of sensitivity to the sulfites. Those who are not sensitive to it will most likely not get a headache. The sulfites happen naturally in wine. Apparently, they are also added to wine. This is for the sake of preservation.

    I read somewhere that sulfties have to be added. That doesn’t help people like us, but apparently, it has to be done. Sometimes, some winemakers will only add as little as possible. I suppose you have to look for these wines and see what works for you.



    Sulfties is the culprit when it comes to red wine and headaches. I did some research and found some red wines with less sulfites. I decided to buy the red wine in bulk from WineOnline.ca.

    I also read somewhere that white wines can contain even more sulfites. Strange, huh?



    So, why is it that we don’t associate headaches with white wine? If white wine has a higher level of naturally-occurring sulfites, then headaches should occur more frequently?



    This is interesting and perplexing. I don’t think anyone really knows the exact reason. It is probably just educated guesses. I heard it may be something to do with the skin of the grape. Perhaps it is a combination of sulfites and the skin. Who knows?



    The thing with red wines is that they tend to have more contact with the skin, hence the colour of red wine. This may mean that they have a higher level of histamines.

    If you are sensitive to histamines, then this could possibly be the reason why some of us are prone to these headaches.

    The theory I read was that the thicker the skin of the grapes, the more likely you will get a headache. This is assuming that you are sensitive to the histamines.



    Have you tried experimenting with red wines? Put these theories to the test. Keep away from wines made from thick-skinned grapes. Look for wines made from thin-skinned grapes and see how you feel.

    That could go a long way to prove these theories. Keep away from wines like Zinfandel, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Instead, try Pinot Noir, Sémillon and Merlot. See if that makes a difference. If it does, you have your answer. Drink those wines and suffer less headaches.

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