Help me understand DNA testing kits

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    I am thinking of doing a DNA test. It is really interesting and I wouldn’t mind finding out more stuff. I admit I am also a little apprehensive. I would like to know more about the DNA testing kits though.



    The kit is simple enough and does not require rocket science. I think a lot of people are confused and think it involves some kind of complicated thing. All that is required for you to do is to give some saliva. You can also swab the inside of the cheeks. You will then place this sample back and seal it securely and mail it back.

    You can get a DNA testing kit from CRI Genetics. It is not free, of course. I think you can get it for under a hundred bucks. When you receive it, you will probably receive a pre-labelled container, so it is easy to mail this back to the lab, or wherever it needs to go. After a few weeks, you can get your results online.



    I think the cost of the test kit depends on what you require of the test. It is not very expensive. Depending on what kind of genetic reports you want back, the price will be reflected by that.

    So, if you want stuff to do with ancestry, it will be less expensive than if you wanted to know something about your health.



    If you are going to do a DNA test, you should only contact the trusted, reputable companies. There are other companies that may make dubious claims and offer things for a cheaper price. If you are just interested and curious, then it may not make that big a difference. However, if you are serious and it is for a legitimate reason, then go with the known companies.

    This is because people who offer cheaper versions of the test may give you incorrect information. This could have a bad effect on your long-term health.

    On the other hand, if the results you receive from a legitimate company can show that you are at risk of developing certain diseases, then you can take steps to change things about your life. You would never be able to do this with improper results.



    I guess it depends on who you get the test kit from, but I assume it is pretty standard stuff. There are some swabs that are packed in envelopes. One end will have a cotton-ended tip which should not touch your fingers. The kit will come with easy-to-follow instructions.

    There should also be a consent form that must be filled properly. This gives the lab legal permission to test the sample. If this is not filled out, then no analysis will be performed.



    There will be a pre-addressed envelope so that you can place the samples in it and seal it securely. You need to pay for the postage though.

    I would suggest that you either use a courier or go to the post office and ask for it to be tracked. I believe you are not supposed to eat or drink (and smoke) for an hour prior to taking the test.

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