How do I save on shipping?

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    I run a small business and do some shipping within the country. I am thinking of shipping internationally as well. However, I’d like to know how to save on shipping expenses. This becomes even more crucial once I start shipping overseas as well.



    You need to do some trial and error. Try one carrier, monitor their expenses & quality of service, then compare it with another carrier that you try next. This will provide you with data you can work with. Afterwards, you can compare between the costs and results to decide which shipping carrier you should go with.



    Even though you ship packages, you are also bound to receive many packages. Do NOT throw away anything. There will be so much material that you can reuse. In the long run, this saves you money. Every bit helps right?



    Agreed! I do this for my own business. I reuse packing peanuts, bubble wrap and even boxes. These are all things you normally need to buy, so don’t trash the stuff you receive. With a little care, you can use this packaging and send it off. These savings will add up!



    Reusing products is OK, but only on some occasions. If you use branded packaging, this isn’t something you can just reuse or recycle from another package. You need to keep your branding consistent.



    Why don’t you just partner with a global logistics expert such as 3PL Links? They can even help you to reduce your international shipping expenses, when the time comes for your business to make that transition. They can help with American and Canadian shipping as well. Only way to find out is to call them and tell them about your business needs.



    Organization is key. You need to organize the way you do things because that will save you time which in turn, will save you money.

    For a small business, shipping costs are one of the biggest expenses. However, there’s one thing many small businesses don’t look at – time. It takes time to look for a product and get it ready to go. Then you have to look for a carrier. You have to print labels, track the package…all of this takes time and time is money. If your products are delivered too slowly, you’re going to lose business and profits.

    To increase your speed and efficiency, you should organize your inventory in a way that is sensible for your business. The more organized you are, the more efficient your processes will become, and the more money you’ll be able to make.

    Remember that saving will come down to a combination of several things. So, if you save a meagre amount on something, don’t be upset. Combined with other things, you can save on shipping expenses.



    Try scheduling pickups, if you think it is a good option for you. Obviously, if you are pretty close to a drop-off location, then you may as well drop it off yourself. Just remember that some carriers offer a free pickup service and you can take advantage of that.

    Sometimes, you have to pay for this service but it has a low fee. Whatever the case, if you have someone picking up your packages, be aware of cut-off times. Otherwise, your package will be delayed for a day.



    You can invest in a thermal printer. They don’t use ink. If you use a laser or inkjet printer, you will be spending money on supplies. Thermal printers are also fast. I can tell you that printing labels with a thermal printer looks more professional than those printers that use ink!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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