I need a car rental urgently. What to do???

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    I have a big business meeting coming up in two days, in a city within the GTA that’s a few hours drive away for me. Originally, I had a car rental booked in advance weeks earlier, but suddenly I found out there was a mix-up and they cancelled on me! Their customer service was SO poor that I really don’t feel like using them again, but I don’t have much time left and I’m out of options.

    I was thinking of using another car rental to get to my destination instead. Does anyone know some place good that I can look into? I’ll need to book the car ASAP so they must be able to respond to my prompt request.



    Instead of renting a car and driving there yourself, have you considered using a car service and letting somebody else drive you there? This way, you don’t have to worry about directions, plus you can prepare for your big business meeting in the passenger’s seat rather than worry about the road conditions (especially with the snowy weather!)



    I never thought about that possibility. I wouldn’t mind it, but would it be more expensive? It’s going into my business travel expenses either way, so I don’t have to pay for it out of my own pocket, but I don’t want it to be too expensive at the same time.



    No, not necessarily. Some car services are quite affordable, like Yorkville Limousine. They also serve across the Greater Toronto Area and should be able to accommodate you no matter where your business meeting is located.

    Many people think that these car services are only for weddings and other special occasions. The fact is there are so many other occasions that you can rent a car service. One benefit of hiring a car service is that you are virtually guaranteed a safe ride. These drivers are experienced professionals. They are put in charge of your safety which they take seriously. In fact, most of these professional drivers would be considered better and safer drivers than the average person. You or me included!



    I’m not the best driver myself, so I’d appreciate it if a professional driver can take the stress off me.



    I used to work as a driver for a professional car service in the past, so I’m glad this has been brought to discussion. Sharon is right, and I would also recommend using a car service to travel to your destination if you aren’t 100% comfortable driving yourself.

    Speaking from my own personal experience, a car service is handy for several reasons:

    • These services can take you to or from an airport. Many executives also take it when they have important business meetings. Imagine what kind of impression an executive would make when picking up an important client!
    • These services can also be used for a prom, a birthday party or a bachelor/bachelorette party. Basically, anyone, young or old can use these services and be made to feel like a million bucks. Imagine planning a wedding anniversary for someone on their 50th anniversary! How special will the lucky couple feel? A limo service has the ability to make such a couple feel really special.
    • A car service is especially useful if you plan to consume alcohol and you need another driver to take you back and forth. Not saying this applies to you or your business meeting – but if it goes well, maybe a drink is in order?


    You used to be a driver, Hank? That’s cool. How was the pay like?



    Not too shabby, but I decided to switch careers just because I don’t want to be on the road all the time. I’m more of a desk job type of guy, apparently.



    This is kind of unrelated, but I also used a car service for our wedding anniversary and I was pleasantly surprised how convenient it was. I thought we were going to pay through the roof but I was wrong. Very affordable and definitely worth every penny.

    We were celebrating it with several close friends, so it was great that we could fit all of them in. It was also very comfortable. I suppose that’s a bit of a benefit; the fact that you can take quite a number of people. Besides, it makes you feel like a celebrity! I guess making someone feel good would also be considered a benefit~



    Okay, I just gave Yorkville Limousine a call and had everything arranged. They’re going to pick me up tomorrow so I’m all set. Thanks for your help!

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