I want to switch jobs and work as a florist.

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    I’ve been thinking about taking a new career path for some time now, and I think I might be interested in becoming a florist. I remember my aunt used to have her own flower shop, and it was such a beautiful place! My aunt isn’t around anymore, sadly, but I remember how passionate she was about her job, and it inspires me.

    According to you, what are the advantages of being a florist? And are there some things that you thing would be hard, or boring about working as a florist? My mind is almost made up, but I’m curious what you people think!



    I love flowers, so of course I think working as a florist must be fun! Flowers smell great, look great, and they make people happy!

    Well, I guess preparing orders for funerals must not be that fun… but florists also get to prepare flowers for weddings, birthday parties, Valentine’s day and mother’s day, and a lot of special occasions!



    A friend of mine has already worked for King West Flowers in Toronto, and she loved her job. She quit because she had to move after she got married, but I know she misses that gorgeous flower shop. I still go there sometimes!

    She always says that being a florist is great, because you get to work with plants and flowers, prepare bouquets and gift baskets, but that you also need to have some people skills, and some skills as an entrepreneur too. She is getting ready to start her own flower shop now, and she will need to think about marketing, planning her budget and her flower orders, hiring an employee…

    So as a florist, you can work at a flower shop or start your own if you are also interested in being a small business owner. Florists can also be hired by other shops, or even only sell flowers online. There are different opportunities, and the one thing they have in common is that florists work with flowers, and need to have an artistic eye!



    Thank you, that’s really interesting!

    I guess I would like to work at a flower shop for now, and if I really enjoy it and things go well, maybe I would start my own little flower shop someday. I guess it must be difficult to start and operate a business, but it must also be so rewarding!



    I guess one of the advantages of working as a florist is that people usually buy flowers for special, happy occasions! So it must be rare to have to deal with unhappy or angry customers, you know… Unless the bouquets you prepare are really cheap and ugly, I guess people are always happy when they receive their orders!

    Of course you have to provide good customer service if there’s a problem, but I’m sure most customers of a flower shop are happy.



    Well, I don’t exactly agree… When I ordered flowers for my wedding, I was so nervous and overwhelmed, I kept changing my mind and arguing with the poor florist… I feel so bad now thinking back on it, it must have been terrible for her to have me as a customer!

    I’m pretty sure a lot of future brides are difficult to satisfy, and that must be something that isn’t so great about being a florist…



    Ha, yeah, I guess so! But then when you deliver their order and they are satisfied at last, you must feel great about it!



    Indeed! Florists are superheroes in disguise, sometimes!

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