Opinion needed: Should we hire professional cleaners or clean it ourselves?

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    I work in a medical facility. It is fairly new. We’re debating on whether we should do the cleaning ourselves or get in the pros.

    I have to be honest; there seems to be a bit of friction and resistance to doing it ourselves. Some employees actually have made good points. What do you think?



    I think that being a medical building, it is better to get the professionals to do it. If you hire a good, reliable, experienced company, they will do a fantastic job. They are properly trained, after all.



    I think asking staff to do things like this is bound to get some resistance. On the other hand, even if they were willing to do it, it might not be a good idea. Perhaps in other businesses, it may be alright. However, in a medical facility, I think only professionals can do a thorough and proper job.

    This is a place that sick people come to. Others can get sick. Staff may take days off. This is a place that cleaning must be taken seriously and responsibly. There is no way staff will know proper procedures in cleaning. They won’t have proper access to the right cleaning materials that the pros use. They may take shortcuts in cleaning. This is because they may be resentful.

    In a medical office, there are certain standards. Can staff meet such standards? I don’t think it’s possible.



    When you ask medical staff to do cleaning, it can be a little disheartening for them. They are trained to deal with patients. Asking them to clean might make them realize just how lowly you think of them as medical personnel.



    Exactly. You wouldn’t have a dishwasher doing the chef’s work. Imagine how your chef would feel.

    Your medical staff have other responsibilities. They should not be sidetracked by this. In the end, they may not perform either duty properly.



    I really don’t think you can have the same kind of cleaning products that the professionals use. This will make a difference. These products may also require knowledge of it. Perhaps it is to be used a certain way. You cannot ask the average person to compete with that.

    Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that you managed to get hold of these products. Without proper training, your staff could hurt themselves, or even others. If there was to be some kind of inspection, you may not pass the inspection. This won’t go down well for your business.

    If you want a good, safe solution to your problem, check out Focus Building Maintenance. Call them and find out more about what they can do for you. Explain that yours is a medical facility. They have probably dealt with numerous ones and they can take it in their stride.



    Professionals know how to reduce dust and allergens. They will know how to properly sanitize everything and reduce the chances of someone getting sick.

    In winter, people probably get sick more often. Cleaners can reduce these risks by attending to examination rooms, administrative areas and waiting areas.

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