Quick ways on how to improve business productivity (without a major overhaul)

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    I have a small business and I honestly feel more can be achieved. Sometimes, employees get a little disgruntled. I am aware there is some friction among each other…

    The animosity has made me realize that I want things to change. It doesn’t have to be a major overhaul, but I just want to make little adjustments on how we run things around here. Does anyone know of quick ways on how to improve business productivity without overhauling the business?



    When you talk about a ‘major overhaul’, are you implying that you will fire the employees that are causing the friction? Because that would be…unproductive.



    How awful! No, I would never do that to my employees. The conflict was already resolved – it was just a minor spat, more like a difference of opinions. There wouldn’t be any firings over what happened.



    Okay, good! Just making sure! What were they fighting about anyway?



    Honestly, it was just a small spat over office supplies. One employee took (‘borrowed’) something from another employee’s desk, which really upset the other person. The word used was ‘theft’, which really escalated the tension in the office, and I had to step in to mediate. They’re still angry at each other, but we’re all adults and we know how to avoid further conflict. At least I hope so anyway…



    Well, if it’s just over office supplies, then you should buy an enough amount to make sure everyone has what they need available. Head over to a store like Southwest Business Products Ltd. and stock up on all the business office supplies you need. Folders, binders, staplers, lanyards, etc.

    Employees can get disgruntled if there’s a shortage of supplies around the office, to the point where they might even borrow from each other without asking. As a business owner, it’s your job to make sure that your employees have the right supplies to succeed in their jobs. Nobody should be sharing any essential office supplies.



    Speaking of office supplies, how’s the condition of your office equipment? Is there any equipment that you could bring in? Is something outdated? Because sometimes this can cause productivity to stagnate.

    Do you have enough capital to invest in new equipment? Would it be better to rent instead of buying it outright? Can equipment be used elsewhere to get the most bang for your buck? If you want your business to be productive, these are all things to look at.

    You should also take a look at your current setup. If someone were to invest in your company but pulls out, why do you think that is? Is there anything you can identify?



    If the argument is over office supplies, could you maybe improve your operations by replacing some of your physical supplies with technology? Technology is convenient, easy to use, and can make your daily operations become more efficient. Plus, no one has to argue over sharing!



    I know you say the conflict has been resolved, but I wouldn’t be so sure about that. A workplace with lingering conflict is terrible for productivity.

    You should try to understand what the problem is with your staff and listen to what they’re saying. One way is to have regular meetings where everyone can speak honestly without being punished. It may surprise you to learn that the problem extends beyond just borrowing office supplies – normal office interactions won’t escalate to this point without other factors ta play.

    You could also speak to staff one by one, assuming there aren’t a huge number of them. Find out about grievances and see how to eradicate it. By doing this, it can increase the productivity and efficiency of your staff. If they are happier, it can make a big difference.



    Is your question about resolving the workplace conflict or improving business productivity? Because I’m honestly a little confused with where the discussion is going?



    It’s about making my business more productive. I’m not worried about the conflict. Like I said, it’s resolved. Thanks for the concern though.



    In that case, I would recommend hiring someone to analyze your day-to-day operations and recommend changes. Like a business consultant, for instance. They will take a look at your business and propose changes. These changes can allow the business to run more smoothly and profitably.

    The consultants can coach or re-train your current staff so that everyone will be more efficient and productive. This may also eliminate any staff problems you currently have, such as bickering.



    Whatever changes you implement, try to keep in mind you want long-term and continuous growth. Look at some successful companies in your industry for some inspiration. Whatever you try, make sure that you have a way of measuring this.

    Best of luck!

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