This might be a stupid question…but does red wine go bad?

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    I recently bought a few bottles of wine from I love wine, both red and white (even though I have more red wines than white in my house!)

    Unfortunately, I’m no expert when it comes to wine and there’s something I’ve always wondered about…

    Does red wine go bad? I’d like to know the answer to both an opened bottle and an unopened one.



    This all depends on a few things. If it is unopened, it depends on how you store it. It also depends on whether it is a quality red wine.

    If you store it properly and it is a good red wine that is unopened, then I’d have to say no. It could last decades!



    I heard (and I think it is probably true) that good, unopened red wine can actually get better. I think they call it ageing. I would worry more about an opened bottle. It is probably better to finish off an opened bottle at one sitting.



    I heard about that too. I read that an opened bottle of red wine will last 2 or 3 days. It’d be preferable if you can finish it the day you open it. Even if you leave it out for too long, this doesn’t mean it will turn into poison or anything.



    Yeah, you could probably still drink it days later. Keep in mind that things might change though. I doubt that you will enjoy it or even want it after a few days. It probably won’t hurt you, but there’s apparently a vinegar-like taste. That would be unpleasant, especially on the palate.

    Unopened red wine is a totally different matter. This can last for years. I even read it could last a hundred years! How true that is, I have no idea, but it does appear that it can last and even get better.



    If you want red wine to last, get an expensive and high-quality product. Bottles should be made of dark glass. Make sure it does not come into contact with sunlight.

    Store your wine in a dark place or place it inside a box. This way, it should easily last for about 20 years. However, if you have cheaper, lower quality red wine, as long as it is protected, it should be good for a few years after the expiration date. Perhaps a couple of years?



    What would constitute as an ‘expensive’ wine?



    I’d say any red wine that costs less than $30 should either be drunk sooner, like within two or 3 years (unopened). Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon; these babies will last years unopened. They will age beautifully, but then again, these are quality red wines.



    Follow this rule of thumb; don’t store unopened cheap red wines for more than a couple of years. Good ones will last for years unopened, so you don’t have to worry.

    As for opened ones, whether you paid $4.99 or over $100, if it is opened, then finish it within three days. Once it is opened, oxidation takes place. The longer you keep it, the worse the taste will be.

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