Using baseball caps to promote my business… Good idea?

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    I’ve been looking into using custom baseball caps to help promote my business. Any thoughts or ideas on how effective this might be? I’m sitting on the fence, but leaning towards making a go of it. When you see a promotional message on a baseball cap, do you tend to notice it or not?



    That is actually a pretty good idea. Whether you are a small business or a large one, I think something like this can be very eye-catching.



    Yeah, I say you should try it out with a small order. I think you can mass-produce something like this and get a decent price. You can make it cost-effective if you look around for a deal.

    This can be a pretty powerful marketing strategy. Of course, you should not just rely on this. It should be one part of your total marketing strategy.



    That’s a great idea! It’s an efficient marketing method that does not have to be so expensive. We all know that with no marketing, it can be very difficult to drum up business.

    Depending on the size of your business and your budget, you can plan accordingly. Not every business can spend thousands a day on marketing.



    If you look around, you may find certain manufacturers who can produce custom baseball caps at good prices. When you order in bulk, it will be cheaper. These manufacturers make promotional products for these very reasons. These products can make a great impression on those who receive them.

    I know of an online site where you can get custom baseball caps and also many other items. You should have a look at Brandability and see how they can help.



    Sitting on the fence, are ya? Listen mate, this is a great idea and you should go for it. It can help your business with brand recognition. If the cap has your business logo or a message on it, people will remember it easily. It is something people will use over and over, like a coffee mug.

    The person wearing it can also do ‘free advertising’ because others can see it all the time. Do you see how powerful that is? Never make a plain baseball cap. Always include your name or logo. It is a constant reminder. It can lead to future business.



    By using a promotional custom baseball cap, in essence, it acts like a business card, doesn’t it? In fact, it may be better than a business card. A business card is misplaced or tucked away, never to be seen again. Try tucking a baseball cap in your wallet! But do you see what I mean?

    Having your contact information also helps. You can make the logo easily visible and add your contact information, which does not have to be so conspicuous. Baseball caps are great because you can use them every day. Even if you don’t, you sort of place it on a desk or something, where it is still visible.



    My only advice to you, should you pursue this idea, is to make sure that it is not of poor quality. If it rips after 2 months, they will associate your business with it.

    The quality must at least be decent enough so it lasts. You want more business; you don’t want to scare people off!

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