What are the benefits of using an airport parking service?

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    My wife and I can’t agree on whether we should get to the Toronto airport by car, or use a bus shuttle to get there.

    I think it would be more convenient to drive there, but she insists taking the bus would be more simple, because then we wouldn’t have to worry about leaving our car at the airport, or about trying to remember where we’ve parked it when we come back from our trip.

    A friend told me I should consider using Park ‘N Fly, an airport parking service. Now I just have to convince my wife that this is a great idea… Can you help me?



    Well if she hates having to look for your car in the parking lot of the airport, using an airport parking service makes sense because then you can have a valet park your car, and then bring it to you when you come back home after your trip!



    That’s a good one! I’ll be sure to tell her that.



    There are a lot of benefits to using a service like Park ‘N Fly. First of all, you don’t have to worry about trying to find a parking spot when you get to the airport. You just book your parking spot in advance, and then all you have to do is get there and park your car.

    Their parking lot is fenced and secure, so you won’t have to worry about you car and wondering whether it’s safe or not. When you come back, your car will be exactly where you let it, and yes, if ever you have some trouble finding it, a valet can bring it to you.

    Also, airport parking services offer shuttle buses that can take you from their parking lot to the airport terminal, so you’ll be sure not to miss your flight. Airport shuttles are usually loaded, but the ones offered by your parking service should be better. You won’t have to struggle with your luggage.



    Good! It really does sound convenient, I think I’ll be able to convince her… I don’t like taking the bus, so I’d be happy to avoid it and to just use our car to get there instead.



    There’s also the fact that the bus schedule isn’t your schedule… It might be complicated to adjust to it, and to be sure you’ll get to the airport on time, and not late, or hours too early! When you can drive your car to the airport, it’s easier to make your own schedule.



    Yeah that’s true!



    Did you know you can get your car detailed while you’re on vacation? I think most airport parking companies can pamper your car if you want them to: they can get it detailed, change the oil, and do some maintenance I think…

    Now isn’t that convenient? When you come back from a nice vacation, you can drive a car that looks better than it did when you left!



    It’s definitely convenient! I had no idea it was possible… But now that I know, well, my car definitely is in need of an oil change, so why not let those kind people take care of it while my wife and I are laying on the beach?



    Exactly! And there’s no reason why your car should be bored while you’re enjoying yourself, right? With an oil change and some pampering, your car will be on vacation too!



    My wife finds this very funny! But she agrees that we should use Park ‘N Fly.

    Thanks for your help, everyone!

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