What challenges did you face as a new student?

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    I want to talk about everyone’s university days! Where did you go? How did you fare? When you first started out in uni, what challenges did you face as a new student? How did you cope with the pressure (if any) and what advice would you give someone about to embark in a similar journey?



    Oh man, that question takes me down memory lane. I remember it was quite a change for me personally making the transition from high school to university. Some things certainly still took me by surprise, even though I thought I’d prepared myself. I had to adapt really quickly during my first year of university.



    Finances were a really big issue for me. The high tuition sucked. Paying student debt sucked. Being poor with no income sucked. Overall, university was not a very pleasant memory for me.



    I actually went to the UK for my bachelor degree (wanted to leave the country and see other parts of the world when I was young), but I did my teacher’s training back at Western University. It was quite THE experience, especially comparing the different teaching styles between the UK and Canada.



    Yeah, student debt sucked the fun out of my university days too.¬†What I did learn was how to be careful with my finances. If I couldn’t afford something, I’d just fight my urges and not buy it. As a university student, I learned the importance of maintaining a shoestring budget.



    Managing my time was a big issue with me. If I could do my university days all over again, I’d tell my younger self to stay organized and keep track of time. Otherwise, projects and assignments can pile up in a moment’s notice.



    Time management was tough. I thought I could balance my studies and my social life at university, but it was almost impossible to do both. Before university, I had a lot of free time for leisure and whatever, but that all changed afterwards. I had to give up some of my activities (sports, dating, etc.) or at least drastically reduce my time with them. There were some painful sacrifices.



    Living with my nightmare roommate was the biggest challenge. If you plan on living in a dormitory, DON’T live with a smoker! Cigarette butts, ashes everywhere, not to mention second-hand smoke…yuck!



    In order to thrive in university, I had to learn discipline and how to stay focused. That meant putting aside my video games and other hobbies in order to concentrate on my studies. It wasn’t a fun time, but I managed to survive and came out a better man.



    Was I the only one who had health issues in university? It was tricky juggling so many things. The stress from cramming for exams also took a toll on me. I didn’t sleep well for weeks and even had to see a doctor about that!



    I never even finished university. I dropped out after the first year. Wasn’t for me.

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