What other services do movers offer?

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    I heard that some moving companies provide other services apart from the usual moving services. Is this true? I may be interested in what they have to offer.

    If anyone knows more, do you know who I could contact? That would save me a lot of time. Otherwise, I have to search one by one.



    Actually, you are absolutely right. However, specialized services are not offered by all movers. If you are going to use a mover or any other services they offer, go with a good, experienced company.

    To that end, I would suggest you call Premiere Van Lines or check out their website. I am pretty sure this company could fulfill other needs as well.



    I think many moving companies offer various other services. I have never used a mover for anything other than moving.

    However, I believe you can make arrangements for special services. The thing to remember is, make sure to contact someone you have heard of. The company must be reliable and trustworthy. For example, let’s say during your moving process, you decide to get rid of a bunch of things that are still in decent condition. You could donate this to a charity or someone else. Arrange with them to pick up the items and take it to the other person or organization.

    In fact, they can also take it out of the province, though I would check on this fact. So, if you have some large pieces of furniture, you can arrange for them to pick it up and deliver it elsewhere. If you want to have your items taken to the local disposal centre, you can ask the movers to do this as well.



    You can have the movers come and pack all your belongings and also unpack them later on. This is great for someone who has no help or who has mobility issues. They are professionals, so they’ll do a good job. They will be organized and pack things appropriately and label them as well.

    Then, they can unpack it at the destination and even put them away for you. All packing materials will also be removed. There won’t be any rubbish to discard and it will be a thorough, professional job.

    In case you have some large items that need to be disassembled and then reassembled, they can do this as well. This can be a huge help for someone who cannot do this themselves. Not everyone can do this and not everyone may have the proper tools. An experienced company can handle this because they would have done it many times before.



    Some of the better companies can take vehicles such as cars and even boats for you. They can also handle pets. If you happen to have a horse that you need to take to, or pick up from the airport, this can be arranged. That can really reduce your stress.

    There will always be people with special needs. That’s why these movers can handle it. However, you must deal with a top, professional company. Otherwise, you may regret it.

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